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Great harmony between light and music

Коллеги, приглашаем на выставку INTERLIGHT МОСКВА вместе с компанией "Фабрика света LUG", которая пройдет в Экспоцентре с 5 по 8 ноября 2013 г.
На стенде компании (8.В.38) будет представлен проект "K. Penderecki European Center of Music", который был открыт в мае 2013 г. Все системы освещения были спроектированы, смонтированы и произведены компание LUG.
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Great harmony between light and music
K. Penderecki European Center of Music

Krzysztof Penderecki European Center for Music in Luslawice was opened on 21st of May 2013. The aim of this unique place is to encourage the most talented young musicians from all over the world to develop their abilities in order to achieve full artistic maturity. The lighting project was prepared and completed by LUG Light Factory Ltd. Unique lighting of the concert space was done in 100% in LED technology. It was designed as a multifunctional complex of the objects, consisting of: the concert hall for 650 spectators, and the academic area with individual exercise rooms for music and ballet, seminar rooms and the library.

The lighting project of the centre was redesigned and supplied by LUG Light Factory. The latest generation of luminaires based on LED technology were proposed, bringing savings on the energy consumption and abatment of CO₂ emission to the atmosphere.

LUG S.A. Corporate Background
LUG is one of the leading European manufacturers of professional lighting solutions.
LUG offers modern and energy-efficient luminaires for architectonic, decorative, industrial and general lighting, as well as special applications. Main application areas covered by LUG lighting solutions are: public utility and office buildings, retail & shopping, medical.
We derive our lighting expertise from 25 years of market experience and significant innovation focus through R&D. LUG & LED advanced technology solutions, design and consulting services for architects, electrical installers and wholesalers are provided in accordance with the principles of energy efficiency and the quality management system ISO9001.

LUG implements sustainable growth strategy on the international markets, building its capital group consisting of specialized dependent enterprises including LUG Light Factory, TOW Ukraine, LUG GmbH, LUG do Brazil, LUG Lighting UK  and trade offices in France, Lithuania and United Arab Emirates, providing nowadays the dedicated lighting solutions for over 50 countries of the world.